Students Given Racist and Anti-Trump Surveys

For decades, many public schools have turned away from being educators to become indoctrinators. The emphasis is no longer on reading, writing and arithmetic. They’ve been replaced with racism, socialism and anti-Americanism.

Much of American history has been replaced with anti-American history and false stories of things that never happened. American government classes are being replaced with anti-government classes, teaching students to hate and mistrust America’s federal government as it currently exists. Then they are being taught or indoctrinated into believing in and accepting a socialist government. Instead of being taught the basics of math, students are being taught that the method is more important than getting the right answer.

Over the past eight years, there have been a growing number of reported incidents where teachers have been forcing their personal political and liberal views onto their students.

In 2008, my granddaughter was attending a public school in a predominately…



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