Student Radicals Demand College Change Spelling of “HISTORY” Because… SEXISM

What these coddled, waste of space, social justice warrior dolts at Western Washington University demand, is for school officials to replace the spelling of “history” with “hxstory”.


You guessed it — SEXISM. Or something like that.

The Daily Beast has the details of this insane proposal:

Students at Western Washington University have reached a turning point in their campus’s hxstory. (For one thing, they’re now spelling it with an X—more on that later.) Activists are demanding the creation of a new college dedicated to social justice activism, a student committee to police offensive speech, and culturally segregated living arrangements at the school, which is in Bellingham, up in the very northwest corner of the state.

Students have the right to push for robust changes to campus conditions, of course. But if administrators care about free speech at all, they will ignore these…



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