Strikes and Rationing Hobble Health Care in Great Britain

Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is often touted by Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and young voters — basically people with no medical training or experience — as a model the United States should follow when it comes to health care. They like the idea of the government giving every citizen “free” health care, but have no idea what the true cost such a system actually inflicts upon society.

Just last week, we found how deep the rot in the NHS goes. Great Britain’s single-payer health insurance system is in deep trouble as junior doctors, unhappy with their pay, went on strike and threatened to walk-off their jobs a further 15 days between now and Christmas; it also banned obese people and smokers from routine surgery.

One of the big problems with the government taking over and provisioning important things like health care is it crowds out and often eliminates competition…



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