Steve Bannon Calls Trump An ’11-Year Old Child,’ Considering 2020 Run

This does not sound like the Steve Bannon that we’ve been watching over the last year and a half, or so.

The old Steve Bannon was a Trump acolyte, someone who saw in their candidate the ineffable qualities needed to overthrow our corrupt government system and “drain the swamp.”

This new Steve Bannon brought to us by Vanity Fair doesn’t seem enamored with the President at all, in fact, quite the opposite, he seems to only see the President’s flaws.

I mean… just check out this doozy in Vanity Fair’s recent profile of Bannon:

Inside the right-wing echo chamber, Bannon is lionized as a conquering folk hero. Well-wishers flock to snap selfies, press the flesh. At one event I chatted with an elderly man waiting his turn on the receiving line. “If I could ask him one question, it would be, why aren’t you president?’”

That has at least been a passing



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