Steak ‘n Shake Employee Dropped This Into Cop’s Drink

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Wolfe stopped by a local Steak ‘n Shake in Tennessee.  Sometime afterwards, Wolfe noticed something odd about his drink.  Wolfe was off duty and a call to the police brought some on duty officers and Wolfe explained to them that he had found cocaine in his drink.  The police along with the store manager reviewed the tapes and found that employee Jedievea Monchell Yearby had dropped a bag of cocaine into the officer’s drink.  Yearby claims that the bag was hers and it must have fallen out of her order book and into his drink.

 According to an affidavit obtained by News Channel 9, officers responded to an assault call at the restaurant. Upon arrival, the off-duty deputy told officers that he had found a baggie of cocaine in his drink.…



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