Stanford University Band Mocks Trump and Texas During Valero Alamo Bowl!

Happy New Year 2018!!!!

Of course, as with every New Year’s Day…there is one college bowl after another this time of the year. In fact in 2017, on December 16th the college football bowls began and they won’t end until January 8th. That’s about 40 games including the national championship. That’s A LOT of bowl games.

One college football game, the Valero Alamo Bowl was played on Thursday between the Stanford Cardinals and Texas Christian University. It seems members of the Stanford University Marching Band were booed off the field because they mocked not only Texas, but President Trump.

According to KSAT-TV, the band decided to take swipes at the border wall, queso dip, and a Texas fast-food institution, Whataburger.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the show, “Texas: Too Big To Fail?” aimed to present “alternative facts” about the state during halftime as the Stanford Cardinal played Texas Christian University. According to the announcer,



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