SpaceX Dragon To Send Two People Around The Moon

On February 27, SpaceX issued a press release stating that it would be sending two people around the Moon, possibly late next year. This circumnavigation of the Moon has been reserved with a sizable down payment made by these two private citizens, who have not yet been named. Although this private mission has been criticized as a stunt, this is actually an important test of the SpaceX Dragon Version Two spacecraft’s ability to support a crew in deep space that is not being paid for with taxpayer dollars.

SpaceX Dragon To Send People Around The Moon

Of these two unnamed people, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk would only say, “It’s nobody from Hollywood.” He says he does not have permission to reveal their names or reveal any identifying details such as their profession yet. What SpaceX could say is that health checks of these two individuals are pending and the…



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