Sorority Cancels Kentucky Derby Party Because…Racism

The Kappa Delta Epsilon Sorority of Dartmouth College recently caved to protesters and canceled an annual Kentucky Derby Party.

Gone are the “Mint Juleps” and “Fancy Hats” because we wouldn’t want to be considered “economically elitist”. Sorry, KDE girls, but being in college and in a sorority makes you and your evil parents economically elitist.

Of course, it used to just mean your parents had done well enough in life to send you to a good school and your sorority was simply a networking and support tool that many young adults enjoy as they first leave the comforts of home.

But that was then. Now we know that you sorority girls and your evil Kentucky Derby Party are raging racists and must be brought low.

According to The Daily Caller:

A sorority at Dartmouth College has canceled an annual Kentucky Derby-themed party in response to protesters who complained that…



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