Something’s Rotten About Mueller-Democrats-Russia-Trump Dossier ‘Thing’

Isn’t it a bit weird to demote DOJ’s Bruce Ohr over contacts with the ‘Trump dossier’ guys?

I see I’m not the only one to find that…curious.

The infamous “dodgy dossier” may be questionable – may be a pile of horse manure – but why would Bruce Ohr, then an associate deputy attorney general at DOJ, be demoted from that position for meeting with Christopher Steele, the dossier’s author, or with Glenn Simpson, the founder of dossier-promoter Fusion GPS, in 2016?

It’s doubly curious (to use streiff’s word at RedState) because Ohr has retained his other position at DOJ: director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF).  If the implication from his demotion is that there was something untoward in his meeting with the dossier guys, “OCDETF director” would seem to be one of the very last positions of authority we would want him in.

Blogger Streiff may not find this curious



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