Something At Monday’s Debate Didn’t Sit Well With The FCC

“Something’s Not Right” With Monday’s Debate (Image: MGN)

There may have been something “bigger” going on during Monday’s Presidential Debate than just politics. The FCC is investigating Hofstra University for the restriction of their wifi to the journalists present at the event. The last case like this ended in an $750,000

It seems that more was going on during Monday’s debate than we thought. Apparently, the host of the night, Hofstra University, demanded that journalists pay $200 to use their wifi and told them to turn off their own personal hotspots or be removed from the debate. Kenneth Vogel, of Politico, actually captured a picture of devices that were scanning those in attendance to make sure their hotspots were turned off.

That seems like an awful lot of trouble just for Wifi right? That’s what Jessica Rosenworcel, a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thought. So, she is now requesting…



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