Soldiers Shot Dead For Doing The Right Thing

The military is in mourning after two brave soldiers were shot dead at a bar in South Carolina after they came to the assistance of a woman who was running from a man early Sunday Morning.

The two, Staff Sgt. Charles Allen Judge Jr., 40, and Sgt. First Class Jonathan Michael Prins, 29, were reported as acting as good samaritans when they were struck down.

Joseph Elijah Mills, 25, was arrested shortly after Sunday’s double killing and charged with two counts of murder.

According to Mills the woman, who has not been identified, stole drugs from his car and ran through the bar. Mills caught her and allegedly slammed her head into a railing. Prins and Judge were just two of the several men who jumped to the woman’s aid. The killing took place at the Frayed Knot Bar & Grill in Lake Murray, west of…



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