So, Today is #DayWithoutAWoman? That Explains the Peace and Quiet!

Alright, before you fly into a fury of how this is probably sexist post by some old man who drinks Natty beer and cat-calls women, you should probably know this one little fact: I am a woman…..A millennial woman, at that.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s address the ridiculousness of “Day Without A Woman” protest.

I think that they are trying to get a “point” across that society couldn’t run without women, and it’s true that we need all different genders and races of society to run smoothly…..However, today the whiny femi-nazi’s are at home and it couldn’t be more peaceful!

It may be a hard concept to hear that not all women agree with the absurd agenda of feminism. Actually, many of us are actually opposed to it, and are neither anti-man or pro-choice.

In fact, here is a post I wrote this morning,…



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