So Let’s Talk – Was Las Vegas a Lone Wolf or False Flag

In the minutes and hours following the heinous attack in Las Vegas information exploded across the internet and social media.

The vast majority of it turned out to be total B.S. Complete falsehoods to innocent rumors to political spin, the story ran fast and wild with the emotion of 58 dead Americans behind it.

Now that the shock is somewhat over, there are a lot of unanswered questions or things that just don’t add up.

People began to wonder…were there more than one shooter…video showing flashes from the 4th floor. Then there was a mysterious woman warning concert goers, 45 minutes before the shooting started that they were all going to die…where is she?

Leaks started flooding the usual sites with pictures of the room complete with the dead shooter and his guns leaked, but only prompted more questions. Is there a suicide note, it looked like there was one



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