Sleazy Democratic Senator Advocates Colleagues Sign “Pledge” to Protect Each Other from Voters

If there was ever any doubt that most members of Congress work for themselves and not the people, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia wants to dispel you of such hallucinations. Here’s a disturbing excerpt from a section of a recent post on his official website, Manchin Pledges to Return to Era of Bipartisan Cooperation and Agreement:

“Several years ago I took a personal pledge to not campaign against a sitting colleague,” Senator Manchin said. “I think the time has come for all Senators to make this pledge and commit ourselves to being Americans first – not Republicans or Democrats. I made this pledge because I simply don’t think you can build working relationships with your co-workers during the week if you are showing up in their backyard every weekend to run their name through the dirt. Now more than ever, it’s so important for the Senate to work…



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