Slavery Reparations Back on The Table For Democrats

Democrats in congress are once again attempting to push the possibility of slavery reparations on the American taxpayer.

According to new reports, many democrats, along with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, are working together in an attempt to put the possibility of slavery reparations back on the table for the American taxpayer to fund.

“Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and other Democrats this week re-introduced legislation that would set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery.

“Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has proposed the bill in each Congress for at least the last two decades.

“A description of the bill said the legislation would set up a commission to both examine the possibility of reparations, but also an apology for the ‘racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans.’”

This latest attempt by the left to segregate America takes into account the unwillingness…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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