Skittles Supports LGBT on Packaging, Gets Called Racist by Liberals

If you aren’t a liberal then chances are, you’re a long list of names that end with -ist or -ic. For example: racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.

It’s redundant and old. We are tired of being called every name under the sun, simply because we do not fall under the liberal stereotype.

For years, Skittles has promoted LGBT equality via a promotion in which the company removes the rainbow colors from it’s packaging and product.  The intended point is to say that some things just wouldn’t be the same without the colors of the rainbow, the universal symbol of the gay and lesbian community.

With that being said, Skittles has redesigned their package to show their support for the LGBT community. BLM were not happy about it!They began tweeting nasty tweets.

“’This is soon [expletive] stupid. Why should whiteness mean equality?!’ said one Twitter user.

“’Skittles realized how…



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