[Shocking] Trump reveals secret TRUTH on Omarosa’s firing

Kylie Handler, editor

Like many high-profile firings, Omarosa Manigault left the White House after a failed contract negotiation… and one other reason.

Donald Trump’s administration has just revealed that Omarosa actually drove her own career to the ground — emphasis on the drove.

Reportedly, the current former White House aide abused the White House car service, which is “strictly forbidden.”

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The reality show mean girl reportedly had relied on the “CARPET” car service to pick her up for work and to drop her back off after.

According to Politico, this is “strictly forbidden by the federal government” because it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Following her dismissal, Omarosa attempted to appeal to the president by tripping an electronic Secret Service wire.

Unfortunately, her attempts for reconsideration only landed her out on the White House



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