Sheriff Told It Would Cost $20 Million, 2 Years For Security Cameras. Does It Herself For $760 In 2 Days.

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Sheriff Laurie Smith of Santa Clara, California was told it would cost $20 million and take 2 years to get security cameras installed. She felt that was unacceptable.

The common sense sheriff took matters into her own hands. She purchased cameras for $760 and had them installed in 2 days time. This is a beautiful example of our bloated system being disconnected from reality.

To even slam the point home…a brawl was taped on those cameras just a day after installation.

From The Daily Mail:

A sheriff purchased 12 security cameras for the Santa Clara County Main Jail in California, which captured a fight involving 30 inmates the very next day.

Sheriff Laurie Smith was told it would take more than two years and $20million before the county could install cameras inside the jail.

After three deputies at the same facility were accused of beating a mentally…



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