Sheriff Judd Grady : ‘Sex Offenders, People with Warrants not Welcome at Hurricane Shelters’

Wowzer. I may be a Georgia peach now, but I cannot express how proud I am of my hometown and former sheriff!

Florida Sheriff Judd Grady, in Polk County, has a message for those seeking refuge from the storm: sex offenders will not be allowed in around the children, and those with a warrant for their arrest will be allowed to take shelter in the jail.

Sheriff Judd said,  “If you show up at a shelter, we’re going to shelter you safely, but it’s going to be in the county jail because we have a legal obligation to execute the warrant.”

He continued, “In a time of potential disaster, there needs to be a place that you can run to and absolutely know you’re safe. Do you want your five-year-old daughter sleeping next to a sexual predator?”

Judd Grady says he is firm on his stance, as he should



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