Sexual Abuse News May Trigger You

Sex abuse stories in the news, and there have been a lot lately, may trigger strong emotions in the people who read them and have been abused themselves.

Twitter was lit up this morning over a story that appeared in the “National Enquirer”. The story quoted friends of the late actor Corey Haim. Haim allegedly revealed to them that he was sexually abused by Charlie Sheen on the set of the 80’s coming of age movie “Lucas”. Sheen, through a spokesman has since denied the allegations.

Haim was 13 at the time with Sheen either being 19 or 21. Dominick Brascia and Corey Feldman both stated that Haim shared the abuse story with them. Feldman actually wrote about it in his autobiography without naming Sheen. The language is graphic and triggered some abuse memories for me.

I pulled this quote from Newsweek. “At some point during the filming [of “The



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