Sessions Should Not Overturn Ruling on Wireless Act

Wire Act issues comes up in confirmation hearing on Jeff Sessions

President-elect Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is likely to revisit the 2011 interpretation of the Wire Act handed down then by Attorney General Eric Holder. the Wire Act was held to not prohibit state-based regulated gambling on the internet. Since then a number of states are allowing regulated gambling operations online which allows participation from residents of states where this is legal. There are many strong reasons why this interpretation should not be overturned by the Dept. of Justice under the next administration.

the Wire Act was never intended as a ban on internet based gambling, in fact, it was enacted by Congress in 1961 long before the internet existed. Congress passed it, along with other measures, and President John F. Kennedy signed the Wire Act as a measure to combat organized crime. the…



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