SERIOUSLY? President Trump Is Accused Of Creating Hurricane Irma To Kill Black People! [VIDEO]

There is something deeply and seriously wrong with these people. They’ve taken Trump Derangement Syndrome above and beyond normal, run-of-the-mill insanity into the literal stratosphere. The video and tweets below PERFECTLY explain this stupidity. Hatred has driven these people into absolute nuttiness.

Many on the left now evidently believe that President Trump is creating hurricanes like Harvey and Irma to kill black and brown people. I’m not kidding… they are that bonkers.

I hate to break it to these mush-for-brains asshats, but Trump doesn’t control the weather. He’s not Dr. Evil. Scroll Down for video:

Barbuda for instance was destroyed by Irma. 95% of the island was flattened and guess what? 91% of the population there is black. So, in essence, these douchebags are cheering for the deaths of minorities. RACIST!!!

One can only fervently pray these people do not reproduce and pollute the gene pool even further. Some people



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