Seriously? Cops Find Pistol “Inside” Woman – You Know Where

MacLean County, Illinois.

A Missouri woman, Amika Witt, was recently arrested for a variety of drug charges. She’d been stopped by a Cheoa police officer for going 90 miles per hour and then heroin and ecstasy was discovered hidden in her bra. That’s not all they would find.

Her male passenger, Clinton McDonald was also arrested on a variety of drug charges.

Here’s where it gets interesting. According to,

After Witt was taken to the McLean County jail, a female correctional officer found the Kimber .380-caliber handgun inside the suspect’s body, said Roberts. The gun had a fully loaded magazine and “a bullet in the chamber ready to fire,” said the prosecutor.

Okay…stop right there.

It’s one thing to actually get an entire pistol into your private lady-parts. It’s a whole other thing to do that with a round in the chamber!

(Photo/MacLean County Jail)

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