Senator Pretendian Forced to Dance The ‘Tax Cut Tune’

Senator Elizabeth Warren is having a tough time tap dancing to the tune of the Trump tax cut. She thinks that the tax cuts are a bad thing and will ruin our nation. She did not use the word Armageddon like Nancy Pelosi, however. She had a hard time agreeing with the fact that letting you keep more of your money was a good thing. She knows she can handle your money better than you can.

As Written By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

The roaring success of President Trump’s tax cuts have made every Democrat squirm uncomfortably, and none quite like self-proclaimed consumer advocate Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

After voting against the historic bill last month, the far-left senator was left in the dust on the losing side of a new reform.  As if that weren’t bad enough, she has since repeatedly been forced to say it really



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