Sen. Pocahontas Warren (D-MA) Gets Brutally Owned By Boston Radio Host

During the 2016 presidential election, something very strange happened to the public perception of Senator Pocahontas, AKA Elizabeth Warren. And when a Boston Radio host pointed out the hypocrisy of the perception, Warren froze like a dear in the headlights

The left began looking to Warren as some sort of financial guru – an economic genius if you will – based on some cleverly edited YouTube videos and Warren’s own penchant for babbling on about some of the more mundane pieces of the American fiscal puzzle.  She found herself oddly lumped in with Bernie Sanders as some sort of money messiah who could change the entire U.S. financial system, were she ever taken seriously as a possible candidate for a higher office.

Then, when Warren caved and began an ill-advised supporting role to Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign, a great many of the new breed democrats started murmuring about

Andrew West

Andrew West

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