Sen. McCain Faces Cancer Battle With Typical Feistiness

Sen. John McCain’s packed agenda while on break from Congress in his home state of Arizona has hardly been the schedule of a typical brain cancer patient — or even someone about to turn 81.

McCain has been undergoing targeted radiation and chemotherapy treatments at the local Mayo Clinic on weekday mornings before going about his day with vigor.

In the past two weeks, the Republican has discussed a development project with local mayors, given a radio interview and held a Facebook town hall. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee outlined a military strategy for Afghanistan, attended an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game and went hiking several times with his family. He has been active on Twitter, including condemning the white nationalist attack in Virginia while criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the violence.

McCain’s spokeswoman in Washington, Julie Tarallo, said the senator was not available for an interview with



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