Seattle To Treat Addiction as Medical Issue, Not Legal Issue


The scourge of drugs in American society is hitting a peak in the late 2010’s, as overdoses skyrocket in cities such as Seattle.

Seattle has reexamined the way in which they treat addiction, and it’s making a massive impact opiate dependence in the city.

Given the massive overprescription of opioid painkillers, and the subsequent addiction caused by them, places such as Seattle are seeing enormous spikes in hard opioid-based drug overdoses.  Now, instead of treating this as a legal issue, Seattle is taking a wildly libertarian stance and creating safe spaces for addicts to treat their addiction.

“Officials in Seattle on Friday approved the nation’s first ‘safe-injection’ sites for users of heroin and other illegal drugs, calling the move a drastic but necessary response to an epidemic of addiction that is claiming tens of thousands of lives each year.

“The sites — which offer addicts clean needles, medical supervision…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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