Seattle Shut Down By Snow Amid Climate Change Hype


Seattle, forever known for their liberal politics and cornering the market on millennial hipsters’ newest fads, is in a world of freezing hurt at the moment.

The global warming hoax has once again faced harsh criticism after a rare snowstorm has crippled Seattle.

While the left has consistently and annoyingly persisted with their faulty climate change science and the global warming hoax, Seattle has been paralyzed by a snowstorm – a rarity for the Pacific Northwestern liberal stronghold.

“A heavy blanket of snow covered the Puget Sound region overnight Monday, prompting dozens of school closures, leaving tens of thousands of customers without power and complicating commutes throughout the day.

“And the snow and ice has forced numerous schools to start classes later than usual Tuesday morning, including Seattle Public Schools and Bellevue Public Schools. For more information on upcoming school closures and delays, look here.

“The National Weather Service (NWS) said Monday morning that 1 to 4…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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