Sean Hannity Is Sick Of The Hillary Loving RINOs

Sean Hannity has had enough. He is sick of the members of Republican Party who have essentially endorsed Hillary Clinton. Watch the above clip and see Hannity name names and hold them accountable with a list of reasons why Hillary must not be allowed to win in November.

Sean Hannity is absolutely correct in his assessment of this election. You may not like Donald Trump as a man or a candidate, you may not agree with all his positions or the things he says, you may not even think he is a true conservative, but he has one thing going for him that no conservative voter should doubt, he is a better choice than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton will be the most liberal president this country has ever seen. She will ramp up Obamacare, take away the 2nd amendments, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill. She is unacceptable…



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