Schumer, “Republicans will have hell to pay if we don’t get our nominee.” Oh Really!


From the time that Harry Reid took over control of the Senate he has ruled through intimidation, and for the most part Republicans have willingly allowed themselves to be manipulated through threats of reprisal from the electorate.  Senator Reid is turning over the rains of the minority leader in the Senate to the Senior Senator from New York Chuck Schumer. It is clear to me that Sen. Schumer has carefully studied the Reid playbook, when again he used intimidation, as the headline of this commentary states, as a tactic to get what he wants, a new Supreme Court Justice.

The Democrats know that there is at least a possibility that their candidate for President may not be elected and, if true, a Republican President could possibly name between three or four justices to the Supreme Court.  Because of this uncertainty the Democrats will do anything to try and convince…



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