School Officials REFUSE to Even SPEAK to Parents About Student Sex Tape Filmed In Classroom.

Parents of students at Cheltenham High School in Pennsylvania are furious that the administration refuses to speak to any of them concerning a video showing two students involved in sexual activity inside a classroom.

The school reported it to the police after being notified of the situationand then washed their hands of it it seems.

“Anger was the first thing. What in the world is going on?” A parent said.

His daughter, who is a middle school student, came home from classes upset. She begged her parents not to send her to Cheltenham High School next school year.

“A video was sent to her of a sex act going on in a neighboring class and she didn’t want to be in that environment anymore,” he told FOX 29.

The video shows a schoolgirl being filmed as she performed oral sex on a boy during biology class. “She is down on her



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