School official obsessed with claims of homeschoolers’ ‘sex trafficking’

An attendance officer in a West Virginia school district posted a Facebook message in support of public schools shortly after a teachers’ strike declaring 80 percent of homeschoolers “are drug addicts, have truancy charges, [engage in] childhood sex trafficking, etc.”

Then a local family contacted the officer to inform the officer, as required by state law, of its intent to homeschool.

The next day, Child Protective Services arrived at the family’s home demanding to investigate “allegations which included many of the same specific criminal activities that the county attendance officer had accused homeschooling families of in her Facebook post,” according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“After interviewing the children and viewing the home, the CPS investigators acknowledged that the allegations were ridiculously meritless. But the family had already been traumatized,” HSLDA said.

HLSDA wrote to Supt. Blaine Hess to ask for an apology for the family and corrective action



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