Schiff Dropped A Bomb On The Dem FISA Memo

Ranking Member Representative Adam Schiff seems to have not coordinated his story with that of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when it comes to the Democrats rebuttal memo about FISA Court abuse. The House Minority Leader went out blasting President Donald Trump for covering up Russian collusion when he refused to release the Shiff sponsored memo. According to her, it was all a plot to protect the rotten to the core Trump administration. Representative Adam Schiff may not have seen that memo. He has now admitted that there are things in the Democrat memo that should keep it from being released. What?

As Written and Reported By Richard Pollock for the Daily Caller:

California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff confirmed that his party’s memo needed to be scrubbed for sources and methods This directly contradicts House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the delay was President Donald Trump attempting a cover-up Schiff criticized

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