SB-54…Signaling California’s Demise

“It will put a large kink in Trump’s perverse and inhumane deportation machine.” – SB-54 proposer California State Senate Leader Kevin de Leon (D)

I know of no other way to say it except to just take a deep breath and let it be known that by his signing the abomination known as SB-54…dubbed the ‘California Values Act’…California’s Gov. Jerry Brown has proven himself to be not only an anti-American bleeding heart liberal, but one who poses a danger not only to Californians but to all Americans whose lives he has now put in danger. How so…because this bill makes the entirety of California a ‘sanctuary state’ which not only sets a dangerous precedent but actually gives illegals…gives criminals…rights, freedoms, and protections, once afforded to American citizens alone.

And with it being a direct slap in the face to President Trump, Brown happily signed a bill into law that



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