Saul Lofgrinsky: How to Debate Liberal Liars

How to Debate Liberals on Social Media

The most important debate practice to do when facing a liberal’s false or distractive claims is to point out their lies, graciously. Otherwise, they become encouraged that lying is appropriate, and do it more and more people get hurt.

Alinsky taught them “power is what the enemy thinks you have.” Unconfronted lying is a power they believe they have because conservatives don’t confront them. So now it’s in the mainstream media and liberal and Republican politicians’ list of acceptable tactics.

Make sure YOU argue with only facts, don’t use opinion, belief, or feelings. Facts always come first in important discussions.

Then, after you find proof of their first lie after the debate starts – simply point it out “this is a lie you wrote…” and don’t provide the link for the proof they repeated a lie.  And DON’T call them a liar. 



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