Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive – Despite Fears it Will Hurt Their Ovaries & Cause Promiscuity

What’s next bikinis? Things are getting crazy in the middle-east.

Saudi Arabia is set to allow women to drive sometime next year. The country is controlled by religious Sharia Law and has not allowed women to drive for years.

According to the New York Times not all Saudis are happy about the changes:

Some said that it was inappropriate in Saudi culture for women to drive, or that male drivers would not know how to handle women in cars next to them. Others argued that allowing women to drive would lead to promiscuity and the collapse of the Saudi family. One cleric claimed — with no evidence — that driving harmed women’s ovaries.

Saudi Arabia is an ancient culture ruled by an ideology…Islam…that is founded on the repression of women. The arguments against allowing women to drive prove the point.

Seriously? Driving will hurt a woman’s ovaries, but not a



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