Sarah Sanders Begins Briefing with Brilliant Tax Analogy Even The Left Can Understand!

Sometimes you have to speak to the lowest common denominator to get your point across. When talking to liberals, I find short sentences and small words work best. When something is explained to them with a clear example and sound logic, the blank look on their faces is priceless. Then an incoherent rant usually follows.

Ask the average person if they would like a tax cut, and they would answer a resounding “yes!” But if that tax plan comes from Trump, suddenly they become suspect that somehow, someway, they are getting screwed. They immediately assume the cut is unfair and “only for the rich.” It doesn’t matter what evidence is presented to the contrary, the defensive nature of the left triggers whines of “not fair!”

Using an analogy even a grade schooler could understand, Sarah Sanders used an old internet meme that clearly explained tax cuts and the lunacy of liberal logic



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