Russians Fear The Washington Elite Will Attempt Assassination


Donald Trump’s controversial presidency certainly has the Secret Service working overtime, as liberal angst is manifesting itself in violent, unprecedented ways.

According to new reports, the Russians are concerned that the Washington elite could assassinate the President.

What concerns the Russians, however, are not angry, pitchfork carrying mobs of millennial snowflakes descending upon Washington D.C., hellbent on dethroning President Trump.  No, the Russians are much more concerned about a swift and decisive action coming from inside the halls of the America’s capital.

“Russian insiders are fearful that the Washington establishment will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, according to a magazine with deep ties to the globalist elite.

“The revelation is buried deep within a Foreign Policy article about how the Kremlin is confused about how to respond to Trump’s role as a ‘revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s ‘”old regime.”‘

“From ‘conversations with Russian policymakers and experts,’ the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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