Russia Orders United States’ Planes Out of Syrian ‘De-Escalation Zones’

Russia has given the United States orders to keep their bombers out of the so called “deescalation zones.”  These zones were designated during meetings between Turkey, Iran and Russia.  The United States was represented there but had no part in developing what is known as the Astana agreement.  Russia has agreed to reestablish the safety hotline over Syrian airspace.  A month ago, Russia Suspended that agreement over the US bombing of the airport.

 The new zones went into effect Friday at midnight, according to a Voice of America report. Russia gave no further details regarding zone operations or how U.S. aircraft will be prevented from flying within them.

The “de-escalation zones” are part of the Astana agreement, a plan proposed by Turkey, Russia and Iran intended to help stem further conflict in Syria. The zones…



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