Russia Had Nuclear Disaster in 1956 4 X Greater Than Chernobyl

The Mail Online:

Between 1949 and 1989 some 456 nuclear tests were carried out at the site In August 1956 the fallout engulfed the industrial city of Ust-Kamenogorsk  A newly discovered secret report shows 638 people were hospitalised Over 100,000 people were exposed and birth defects are still common today

A report was discovered which tells of a nuclear disaster four times the size of Chernobyl in Kazakhstan.  Over 600 people were hospitalized, four times higher than Chernobyl, and another 100,000 people were affected by the nuclear fall out.  Russia had tried to keep it quiet but obviously it ended up in report and tucked away until someone found it.

A newly uncovered report by New Scientist reveals that a scientific expedition was sent out to the region from Moscow just after the explosion.





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