Ruddy: Trump ‘Resilient’ & ‘Relaxed’ Despite Media Attacks

Amid a constant barrage of media attacks, President Donald Trump remains “resilient” because he’s accustomed to handling numerous undertakings simultaneously, Newsmax founder Christopher Ruddy told CNN host Michael Smerconish on Saturday.

“This man is extremely resilient. I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve always found when things are tough, he’s actually more resilient, more relaxed. He can deal with numerous problems, issues, crises going on at the same time,” Ruddy, who is also a friend of the president, said Saturday.

“For Donald Trump, handling a number of things, this is like easy stuff. I think what we’ve seen here is there’s an adjustment period for him. He’s never been president, there’s no on-the-job training for it,” he added.

Ruddy said the president was “holding up great” despite poll numbers that show him hovering around the 40 percent approval rating, and pointed out that “90-plus percent [of people who voted



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