Rosie O’Donnell’s most INSANE claim yet (hypocrite!)

by Kylie Handler, editor

Leftist celeb Rosie O’Donnell can never keep her mouth shut, and this time she just insulted every silence breaker.

In the year of sexual harassment scandals, many women have come forward accusing men of harassment and abuse–but O’Donnell wants everyone to know that it’s just our culture.

Not only does she not believe the victims, she is not ready to hear them share their tragic stories.

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In an interview with  The Cut O’Donnell discusses her new show Smilf and how it relates to our feminist generation.

Not surprisingly, she is not a celeb who backs other women in her industry, instead she tears them down.

“I do have this real problem with society now saying well we’re all ready to talk about it,” she explained about the current sexual reckoning.

Ready or not, Rosie, this is



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