Rosie Disturbed: “I Seriously Worry Whether I Will Be Able to Live Through Trump Presidency”

Rosie O’Donnell is famous for playing the weak victim and now she has become totally unhinged over the Trump Presidency.

For years, Rosie has attacked Trump a lot more than he has even mentioned her, yet she claims that he bullies her.

In actuality, he has always responded to the attacks by Rosie. I have raised children. It is a classic child’s antic to start a fight and then claim victim after the antagonizing gets a response. While I do not like it when Trump goes off on people, this is clearly bad behavior on the part of Rosie.

She was recently interviewed for W Magazine and claims that she worries she won’t even make it though a Trump Presidency. That is so weak. I thought she was tougher than that. Aren’t modern women supposed to be strong?

Interesting that the 2nd sentence in the article states:




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