RNC Bets Against America

Trump Is Dropping Out Of The Race (Image: MGN)

The RNC is contemplating options for the possibility that Donald Trump might drop out of the Presidential race. The entire Republican Party is disgusted with the campaign that Trump is running, especially after his outbursts against the Khan family. The Republican Party, however, cannot kick him out of the Presidential Race. Yet, do to Trump’s unpredictability, they are keeping all of their options open.

Apparently, the RNC is buzzing with activity today. The word on the street is that the Republican Party is trying to quickly sift through their options if Donald Trump decides to drop out of the Presidential race. Why? No word has been leaked yet if Trump is even considering that possibility, however, the Republicans are.

Jonathan Karl, a reporter for ABC News, had an interview on Good Morning America about the new found information. Karl said, “I…



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