Rio Games Turning Into The Sex Olympics

The Sex Olympics At The Rio Summer Games (Image: MGN)

The Rio Summer Olympic game athletes are going through 450,000 condoms. That’s right, athletes have come forward and admitted to late night sexual gatherings, and the freedom to express their sexuality while staying at the dorms for the Olympics. The organizers of the Olympics games are worried about diseases like Zika and AIDS, hence the distribution of prophylactics.

I know what you are thinking…what in the world is sex Olympics? It’s not what you think.

Apparently, the organizers of the Rio Summer Olympics have given out an average of 41 condoms and 17 packets of lube to each contestant participating at the Olympic games. 450,000 prophylactics were handed out and over 100,000 of them were condoms for females. It would have never crossed my mind that athletes at the Olympics would be participating in the type of “extracurricular” activities that…



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