RINO Rubio Betrays The GOP

Marco Rubio has announced a re-election bid on Wednesday for his Senate seat in the battleground state. He is being criticized for failing to keep the pledge he made to retire and not seek reelection as he ran for president. During his announcement, he was very vocal about his dislike of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Rubio promised to oppose Trump on any issue he didn’t agree with in the Senate. 

In a complete about-face, Sen. Marco Rubio officially announced an 11th-hour reelection bid Wednesday, making him the instant frontrunner in a key battleground state.

In an interview with POLITICO Wednesday, the first-term senator declared he’s ready to take on both Republican and Democratic opponents and even his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, if he has to.

Rubio said the election – which could decide control of the U.S. Senate — was too important for him to keep his…



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