Republicans Defeat a Republican

Judge Roy Moore lost the senate race. He was the Ten Commandments judge who went to the mat for America’s Christian heritage even though it cost him dearly. That is what America needs in its leadership today, men who will stand bravely for what is right.
The good people of America lost a senate seat, but we can rejoice that one of the most evil men in America also lost his senate seat. Al Franken was run out of town. Franken was pushing for legislation that would require the homosexualizing of every kindergartner in America.
Ironic that it was sexual misconduct that got Franken thrown out and uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct that sabotaged Roy Moore’s campaign.

But the most sickening thing about the Roy Moore loss was how the entrenched Republicans brutally sabotaged Moore. It is clear that Moore was determined to clean up political corruption in Washington DC



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