Reporters Need To Be Held Accountable For Blatant Trump Lies

No matter who ended up winning the White House, there was bound to be heated political commentary and debate. But no one could have foreseen how sore of losers Crooked Hillary’s supporters would turn out to be. Or just how much reporters would place emphasis on protests and lies over legitimate government business.

President Trump has been in office for less than two weeks, yet it feels like snowflake protests have been going on forever.

Don’t these people have jobs?

Every time I turn on the TV or radio there’s another anti-Trump protest. The irony is that these people are protesting a man who they feel represents violence. Yet, nearly every single protest breaks out in violence, rioting, and looting – with violence as protesters target Trump fans just for being Trump fans. So much for their “Let Love Unite Us” approach.

But I don’t blame these poor simpletons




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