Report: Lawyer Caught Offering Woman $200,000 to Accuse Trump of Sex Assault

All these sexual allegations suddenly coming out again….I guess the Democrats’ narrative on the Trump-Russia collusion didn’t work, so now they have to try a different one. Since sexual harassment allegations seem to be the trend these days, and it’s like one big ‘coming out party’, it looks like Democrats are now trying to nail Trump with sexual harassment allegations. I mean let’s face it, whether Judge Roy Moore was guilty or not, the Democrats pushed the narrative that he WAS and it worked for the election in Alabama. So, why not try the same on Trump?

Two months ago former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly revealed the existence of a tape that he claims shows what he described as “an anti-Trump attorney” offering a woman $200,000 during the presidential election last year to issue false sexual harassment claims against then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“It exists,” he said to Newsmax at the time. “We



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