Replacing Obamacare with Obamacare Will Hurt the GOP [VIDEO]

Conservatives are expected to vote on replacing Obamacare with a government plan that is no better. They aren’t buying it.

Why vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare with something that is just as bad? I recently discussed how Paul Ryan’s plan is “Obamacare Lite” at best. Not only is Rand Paul against the plan, but also conservative talk show host Dana Loesch. Notice that she says the proffered plan is an insult to Donald Trump—an amazing statement from someone who was a NeverTrump Republican not too long ago.

[embedded content]

Yesterday, Rand Paul pointed out on Face The Nation that Paul Ryan was trying to prevent any negotiation on his bill. Via Real Clear Politics:

PAUL: I have talked to the president, I think, three times on Obamacare. And I hear from him that he is willing to negotiate. You know what I hear from Paul Ryan? It is…



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